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AGM video opened its doors in 1994. One of our founding members was Charlie Anderson, who was on the Ampex team that invented the Video Tape Recorder (VTR). We think that's a pretty good start if you're in the business of distirbuting high end video content for broadcast, web, and other media outlets.

In 2005, Charlie Anderson and the members of his Ampex team received the first ever Emmy for lifetime achievement in engineering. In short, AGM was founded on expertise, quality, efficiency, and accuracy.

Featured Services

We can put it on tape, we can make it digital, we do SD, we do HD, and we can get on to any screen you want. You name the flavor and we serve it up hot and fresh, every day.

- Distribution

- Customization

- Duplication

- Conversion

- Encoding

- Editing

- Consulting

White Label Services

Create New Profit Streams With AGM: In business image is everything. If you're a media buyer, ad agency, or production house without a dub department you are not maximizing your profit margins. AGM's White Label services allow you to fill out your in house capabilities by internalizing your distribution needs. You get to generate additional revenues that increase your margins without any of the hassles or overhead.

How This Benefits You...
- One easy order form and location to send all orders
- One invoice for reconciliation
- Volume discount
- Additional profit stream
- Improved brand image
...Conctact us to find out more about your new dub department.

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